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Key Positions
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The DomGas Alliance aims to promotoe diversity, affordablity and security of gas supply for industry and households in Western Australia.


Key Positions

The Alliance’s work program is focused on promoting diversity, affordability and security of gas supply for consumers. The Alliance supports:

  • Ensuring sufficient reserves of gas resources are set aside to meet the current and future needs of the community.
  • A stringent Retention Lease system that ensures producers do not warehouse gas fields that could be developed for the domestic market. Greater transparency is needed to promote opportunity and third party participation.
  • Eliminating anti-competitive joint selling arrangements by which gas producers combine together to set prices and contract terms for local consumers.
  • Ensuring that producers meet existing domestic supply obligations under the North West Shelf State Agreement.
  • Federal and State tax, royalty and investor incentives for domestic gas exploration and development.
  • Opportunities for common use gas gathering and processing infrastructure to reduce development costs and facilitate domestic gas development.
  • A national energy security strategy that ensures long term supply of competitively priced gas for domestic users.
  • Incentives to develop unconventional gas fields such as “tight gas”.
  • National greenhouse gas policies that do not discriminate against domestic gas development and supply.

Australia’s Domestic Gas Security – 2012 Report.

2010 WA Domestic Gas Security Report

2009 WA Domestic Gas Security Report

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