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The Importance of
Gas Supply
The WA Gas Shortage
WA Parliamentary Inquiry into Domestic Gas Prices
Climate Change Impacts
The DomGas Alliance aims to promotoe diversity, affordablity and security of gas supply for industry and households in Western Australia.


The Importance of Gas Supply

Secure and affordable gas supply is critical for Western Australia and underpins jobs, investment and economic growth in the State.

Western Australia is the most energy and gas-dependent economy in Australia. Natural gas fuels half of WA’s primary energy and 70% of its electricity generation. This compares to 22% and 16% for Australia as a whole.

The State is also Australia’s biggest domestic gas market accounting for around 40% of Australia’s domestic gas consumption. This is almost as much as NSW, Victoria and Queensland combined.

Demand for gas will continue to grow. Around 1100 terrajoules per day (TJ/day) of gas will be needed by 2014-15 to meet new demand growth, and to replace existing long term supply contracts as they expire. To put this in perspective, this volume is equivalent to the State’s current gas market.

Electricity Generation
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Electricity Consumption
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