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The DomGas Alliance aims to promotoe diversity, affordablity and security of gas supply for industry and households in Western Australia.



Media Releases


  • 2 May
    Offshore Petroleum Retention Licencing Policy Benchmarking Report.
    Download PDF
  • 2 May
    DomGas Alliance submission to the Offshore Petroleum Resources Management Review.
    Download PDF
  • 2 May
    Senate inquiry needed into offshore petroleum management changes. 
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  • 22 April
    Greater gas price transparency an urgent priority.
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  • 16 April
    Wheatstone contract a win for gas reservation policy.
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  • 23 March
    Latest Browse deferral highlights flawed titles system.
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  • 29 November
    Retention lease system must be fixed: DomGas Alliance.
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  • 29 November
    Flawed GSOO still confirms value of reservation policy.
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  • 21 September
    Media Release:  New minister chance for new balance.
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  • 24 July
    Media Release: Domestic Gas Reservations - The Facts.
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  • 23 June
    Media Release: Browse deal another tick for domestic gas reservations.
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  • 28 May
    Media release: Domestic gas supply debate can't be ignored
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  • 21 May
    Media release: Inpex attack lacks credibility.
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  • 20 May
    Media release: WA must get a fair share of Browse gas
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  • 19 May
    Media release: BHP Billiton exposes Canberra’s hollow ‘use it or lose it’ rhetoric.
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  • 13 April
    New report confirms high gas prices are destroying Australian jobs.
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  • 9 April
    Media Release: Energy White Paper confirms WA is on its own.
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  • 27 February
    Letter to the Editor: Gas scare campaign baseless.
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  • 25 February
    Media Release: Evidence mounting for action on Australia's gas needs.
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  • 27 January
    Opinion: Local content rules are in our national interest.
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  • 9 January
    Media Release: New Scarborough delay highlights retention lease flaws.
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  • 5 January
    Media Release: Nahan comments beginning of the end for joint marketing.
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  • 26 November
    Media Release: New NWS agreement highlights WA’s domestic gas challenge.
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  • 17 November
    Response to the Draft Competition Policy Review Paper
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  • 11 November
    Media Release: Muddled logic does not help gas supply debate
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  • 11 November
    Media Release: Shipping LNG to Western Australia the wrong option
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  • 4 November
    Response to the Federal Energy Green Paper
    Cover Letter Download PDF + Responce Download PDF
  • 18 September
    The West Australian, Opinion: WA left off Canberra's carve up of gas supplies
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  • 18 September
    Media Release: WA the forgotten State in Federal energy policy thinking?
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  • 9 September
    Media Release: Canberra blame shifting on high gas prices.
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  • 8 September
    Media Release: Canberra must act on gas hoarders.
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  • 29 July
    Media Release: ERA plays same old song on reservation policy.
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  • 21 July
    Media Release: New modelling shows huge hit to WA economy from higher gas prices.
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  • 26 June
    The West Australian, Opinion: Energy giants must guarantee WA's needs are met.
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  • 29 May
    Media Release: Hoarding of WA gas resources hurts industry and jobs.
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  • 15 May
    Media Release: No gas for WA industry and jobs from floating LNG.
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  • 15 May
    DomGas Alliance submission in response to the Economic Regulation Authority's draft report on micro-economic reform.
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  • 14 April
    Media release: DomGas Alliance response to draft report by Economic Regulation Authority. Download PDF
  • 3 April
    The West Australian, Opinion: Gas pledge needed, not hot air from Canberra.
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  • 3 April
    Media Release: Overwhelming community support for domestic gas reservations.
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  • 13 February
    Australian Financial Review, Letters to the Editor, Domestic reservations working for WA's benefit. Download PDF
  • 7 February
    DomGas Alliance submission to the Energy White Paper issues paper. Download PDF
  • 7 February
    DomGas Alliance submission to the Eastern Australia Gas Market Study issues paper. Download PDF
  • 2 February
    Media release: New Gas Statement of Opportunities highlights challenges facing WA domestic gas supply.
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  • 23 December
    Letter to the Editor of The West Australian re floating LNG (unpublished). Download PDF
  • 17 December
    DomGas Alliance welcomes Federal ALP recognition of WA energy issues. Download PDF
  • 16 December
    DomGas Alliance urges Premier to stand firm on Browse. Download PDF
  • 13 December
    Submission to the Inquiry into Microeconomic Reform in Western Australia by the Economic Regulation Authority. Download PDF
  • 27 November
    New Executive Director Appointed. Download PDF
  • 15 November
    Opening statement to WA Parliamentary Inquiry into the Economic Implications of Floating
    LNG Operations. Download PDF
  • 30 August
    Submission to WA Parliamentary Inquiry into the Economic Implications of Floating LNG Operations. Download PDF
  • 17 June
    Australian businesses, consumers should come first. Download PDF
  • 29 January
    Onshore gas only way to ensure local supply”, The West Australian. Download PDF


  • 26 November
    Australia Domestic Gas Policy Report. Download PDF
    New Report - Australia lags behind on domestic gas. Download PDF
  • 15 November
    Floating Browse gas overseas not the answer. Download PDF
  • 14 November
    Alliance farewells Chairman. Download PDF
  • 8 November
    White Paper surrenders energy advantage. Download PDF
    Canning Basin domestic gas potential. Download PDF
  • 22 October
    Letter to the Australian Financial Review, published 22 October 2012. Download PDF
  • 17 October
    New report reinforces need for national gas reservation. Download PDF
  • 28 August
    WA Strategic Energy Initiative – new domestic gas reservation policy. Download PDF
    State leads way on energy security. Download PDF
  • 16 August
    Australia misses the boat on gas. Download PDF
  • 23 July
    Higher gas prices to hit Queensland hard. Download PDF
  • 1 February
    Strategic thinking needed on LNG”,
    Australian Financial Review, DomGas Alliance letter. Download PDF


  • 9 December
    2011 gas market scorecard released. Download PDF
  • 30 November
    Energy users back State on Browse domestic gas. Download PDF
  • 15 November
    North West Shelf Gas must end supply uncertainty. Download PDF
  • 3 October
    Unconventional gas incentives welcomed. Download PDF
  • 26 September
    Gas users welcome Wheatstone gas commitment. Download PDF
  • 10 August
    State affirms domestic gas reservation. Download PDF
  • 24 March
    Parliament Committee urges action on gas prices. Download PDF
  • 3 March
    State Energy Initiative points the way on domestic gas security Download PDF


  • 12 October
    Federal Government support urged on domestic gas tax. Download PDF
  • 8 September
    New Government must focus on gas security. Download PDF
  • 20 August
    New gas discoveries to boost domestic supply. Download PDF
  • 28 July
    ACCC urged to overturn North West Shelf Gas protection Download PDF
    Alliance submission to the ACCC Download PDF
  • 26 Jjuly
    Labor and Coalition urged to act on gas price hikes. Download PDF
  • 7 July
    ACCC decision to cost consumers $2 billion a year. Download PDF
  • 22 June
    Report points to further gas shortages. Download PDF
    Domestic gas outlook report. Download PDF
  • 7 April
    North West Shelf joint selling means higher prices. Download PDF
  • 29 March
    Lots of hot air in WA gas debate", The Australian, 29 March 2010. Download PDF
  • 15 March
    Domestic Gas Action Plan - Submission to the WA State Energy Initiative. Download PDF
  • 13 March
    Action Plan urged on State’s gas crisis. Download PDF
  • 25 February
    North West Shelf gas price rise hurts consumers Download PDF.


  • 14 December
    Domestic gas reservation policy needs teeth. Download PDF
    To see the full Alliance report Go to >>>
  • 5 November
    ACCC fails consumers over Gorgon gas prices. Download PDF
  • 4 November
    Chevron and Apache Energy tie-up raises new competition fears. Download PDF
  • 8 October
    Submission to the ACCC's Draft Determination on Gorgon joint selling. Download PDF
  • 17 September
    ACCC decision means higher gas prices for consumers. Download PDF
  • 10 September
    Energy users welcome WA Government’s support for domestic gas. Download PDF
  • 27 August
    Gorgon joint selling means even higher gas prices, ACCC warned. Download PDF
    Gorgon Joint selling - Third Submission. Download PDF
  • 24 August
    Submission to the Federal Government on retention lease management. Download PDF
  • 5 August
    Gorgon cartel selling will raise gas prices. Download PDF
    Allens Consulting Group report. Download PDF
  • 28 July
    Tight gas incentives welcomed. Download PDF
  • 23 July
    DomGas Alliance elects new Chairman. Download PDF
  • 16 July
    Alliance letter to the Australian Financial Review. Download PDF
  • 10 July
    Letter to The West Australian on domestic gas competition Download PDF
  • 7 July
    ACCC urged to overturn Gorgon cartel selling authorisation Download PDF
    Gorgon Gas Project: Application for Joint Selling Authorisation Download PDF
  • 25 June
    Consumers dismayed by ACCC authorisation for Gorgon cartel selling Download PDF
  • 11 June
    Gorgon cartel selling not justified. Download PDF
    Submission to the ACCC. Download PDF
  • 10 June
    WA Government urged to reserve Gorgon gas for domestic use. Download PDF
    Appeal to the Minister for the Environment. Download PDF
  • 22 May
    Julimar urged to supply WA consumers Download PDF
  • 19 May
    Domestic Gas Security Report released Download PDF
    Peak body calls for 2050 Gas Security Strategy Download PDF
  • 15 May
    Energy Security White Paper hijacked by energy exporters Download PDF
  • 30 April
    Alliance supports Retention Lease findings Download PDF
  • 4 April
    Domestic gas supply key to Australia’s low carbon future Download PDF
  • 9 February
    CPRS design raises concerns for domestic gas supply. Download PDF


  • 4 December:
    Senate report reinforces need for domestic gas security. Download PDF
  • 27 November:
    Report recommends fiscal incentives to promote domestic gas supply. Download PDF
  • 10 November:
    WA’s natural gas demand expected to double in 2015. Download PDF
  • 6 November:
    Gas price increases not justified by condensate subsidy removal. Download PDF
  • 6 November:
    Burrup Fertilisers, Horizon Power and Verve Energy join alliance. Download PDF
  • 2 April:
    Report supports common use infrastructure to increase domestic gas supply. Download PDF
  • 11 March:
    Alliance welcomes Wheatstone project’s domestic gas supply. Download PDF


  • 20 November:
    Alliance calls for 2020 Vision to ensure future gas supply. Download PDF
  • 5 November:
    Alliance supports action to tighten natural gas leases. Download PDF
  • 4 November:
    Natural gas shortage threatens Australia’s climate change future. Download PDF
  • 15 August:
    Alliance urges producers to seize domestic gas opportunities. Download PDF
  • 10 July:
    New report recommends urgent action to address gas shortage. Download PDF
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